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    Our Nineteenth Season...              

After Sundown

by Gordon Portman

Produced by Pegasus Productions

Sept. 23rd - 25th & Sept. 29th – Oct. 2nd, 2022

The estranged adult child of a troubled marriage returns home in a time of crisis. After Sundown gives this universal story a unique, contemporary feel: the returning Lu is defining their place on the gender-identity spectrum; their father is struggling with Alzheimer’s; and their mother is struggling with the responsibilities of being a caregiver.

As the characters seek a healthy, safe way through the letting go of pasts and the challenges of a present that are keeping them from moving into the future, the challenges of, their relationships are complicated by the vivid, theatricalized presence of old longings and vivid, enacted memories.

Pegasus Productions formed in 2017 to produce George Brant’s “Grounded,” produced in association with Live Five and nominated for several SATAwards. “After Sundown” will be the company’s second production.

Pegasus’s mandate is anchored by three principles: to explore contemporary moral and/or social issues; to do so in a way that involves interdisciplinary and/or interactive contributions from a variety of artistic disciplines; and to challenge the artists making those contributions to create and collaborate in new ways.

Hand to God

by Robert Askins

Produced by Ppl r Ppl Productions

Nov. 4th - 6th & 10th - 13th, 2022 

In the tiny, conservative town of Cypress, Texas, the shy, mild-mannered Jason is just trying to be a good son. When he joins his mother Margery's Christian Puppet Ministry at the local church, Jason discovers a burgeoning talent for puppetry, and it seems like things after his father's sudden death might just turn out okay.

Tyrone the puppet, though, has other plans. As the foul-mouthed, independent, and devilishly funny Tyrone grows in strength, Jason's complex relationships with the school bully, the girl-next-door, and most importantly, his mother, are thrown into upheaval.

An irreverent, occasionally shocking, and perpetually hysterical romp to hell and back, Hand To God is an exploration of the ideas of faith, morality, and human nature that will leave audiences rolling in the aisles.

Ppl r Ppl Productions is about.. PEOPLE. It's about telling stories that invite audiences to see things from a perspective somewhere outside their own backyards. We do our best to bring something fresh to Saskatoon's theatre scene, and we choose to produce works that we find exciting and engaging. We believe that something magical happens when the lights start to dim, the actors take their places, and the audience fastens their seatbelts.. Ppl r Ppl is proud to be celebrating their sixth season by participating in the Live Five Season with a show that's never been done here in Saskatoon!

The Unforgettables

by Erin Brophy

Produced by Fight or Flight Theatre & Wonder City Collective

Feb. 3rd - 5th & 9th - 12th, 2023

In Post WWI-America, decadence is everywhere. Many women work as dial-painters, crafting artisan watches by hand at one of the most popular corporations of the 1920's. Yet even the most luminous element casts a dark shadow: Following the death of their friend, five women rally against their employer's dangerous practices in an unforgettable legal battle that has shaped the course of history.

Founded in 2019, Fight or Flight Theatre is an intersectional feminist theatre company committed to using what we know to find what we don't. We prioritize the stories of women, the 2SLGBTQ+community, and those with lived experience of misogyny.

Wonder City Collective (Founded 2020) shares these values and will make sure that every one of those voices in the room is heard and taken seriously. We will work hard to ensure that traditional power imbalances within a rehearsal hall are not present, and the entire process is a collective work.

Measure for Measure

by Mackenzie Dawson, Kody Farrow, Liam Johnston, Drew Mantyka, Jonathon Pickrell, Katelyn Polischuk, Jordie Richardson, William Shakespeare, and Bob Wicks

Produced by The Coterie

Mar. 17th - 19th & 23rd - 26th, 2023

The Duke absconds, leaving the idealist, Angelo, to govern. His near-immediate condemnation of the guilty, but virtuous Claudio to death sparks a study of morality, power, and corruption, as Angelo squares off against Claudio's virtuous sister Isabella, and the scheming Mariana. Experience an absurdly hilarious and viciously satirical Measure for Measure that collaborates with Shakespeare for a fresh, relevant, and contemporary production, while still paying reverence to the original.

"The Coterie" began as a group of artists wanting to develop a more immediate and informed relationship with Shakespeare's texts. Our goal with this, our first production, is to both entertain and inspire audiences and fellow artists by challenging and interrogating the use and relevance of classical works in modern performance.

The Gay Card

by Logan Martin-Arcand

Produced by SexualSpaceWalk Theatre

Apr. 21st - 23rd & 27th - 30th, 2023

Fuck boys and cold pizza slices. The Gay Card is a play about those who grapple with connection, consent, and the hyper-sexualization that is ever-present within the queer community. With the story being through multiple intimate queer perspectives, The Gay Card is an exploration of isolation, hopefulness, and lustful online hookup culture.

SexualSpaceWalk Theatre was created in 2016 to bring more diverse stories to the prairie theatre landscape and beyond. Through upholding our values of putting marginalized people first, we work to create safe and inclusive spaces that reflect the changes we aim to see in our community.


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