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At Live Five we believe independent theatre is crucial for the growth and sustainability of a healthy arts community. Saskatoon has a wealth of talented artists, but there are often not enough professional opportunities to go around.  Live Five wants to help keep theatre artists on stage where they belong.  By producing with the Live Five team, artists can expand their audience base and defray some production costs by sharing the workload throughout the season: selling advertising, selling season passes, volunteering as ushers, helping to promote each other’s work, etc.

Independent theatre companies wishing to have their show included in next year’s season must submit an application. Successful applicants will be required to sell advertising (or pay a fee) to support the group. With this contribution and the money the board acquires, Live Five can promote its companies and their productions via season passes, brochures, the website, social media and advertisements around the city. 

Just curious about how our Selection Process works? Read our Application Guide to learn more about it.

Applications are now closed. Check back in the fall to apply for our 2021-2022 season or contact us for more information!



Application Files for Download


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