2017-18 SEASON


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    A Season For Uncertain Times:         



by George Brant

Produced by Pegasus Productions

Sept 21st - 24th & 28th - Oct 1st, 2017

When a top-notch fighter pilot finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, she is reassigned to operating drones from inside a windowless trailer in the Nevada desert. As irreconcilable tensions between life and death grow within her, lines of reality become dangerously blurred. Featuring an immersive multimedia design, this internationally acclaimed script stars Kate Herriot in a searing look at life on the modern warfront.

The Pegasus Productions team came together with the single purpose of producing this play. Its technical, narrative, and moral challenges have inspired us to stretch ourselves in new, inventive, fully collaborative ways. Taking a cue from the company's namesake, we strive to soar into highly theatrical and visually innovative heights, taking Saskatoon audiences along for the ride.

Naked Tourist, Sacred Mountain

by Rod Macpherson

Produced by Dumb Ax Productions

Nov 9th - 12th & 16th - 19th, 2017

The internet never forgives... will the people of Borneo? In a Malaysian hotel room, two climbing partners must decide their next move. After posting naked photos of themselves atop the sacred Mount Kinabalu, they've caused at least one kind of earthquake. With an angry crowd gathering and a government official asking for their passports, their weeklong holiday is threatening to become longer than they bargained for.

Tell a good story; get you home in time for the news. Dumb Ax Productions makes theatre for you, our ideal audience. Your attention is our currency and we aim to keep you hooked for 80 minutes, without intermission or cell phones.

Naked Tourist, Sacred Mountain is the first production presented through Live Five's development partnership with the Saskatchewan Playwrights' Centre.


by Danielle Roy

Produced by Gumshoe Productions

Jan 25th - 28th & Feb 1st - 4th, 2018

Peach is a young girl longing for love - true love; but will it be everything she has come to expect? She is about to discover that love isn't all that her TV makes it out to be. Based on a harrowing and beautiful true story, Peach is a gritty coming-of-age tale that explores sex, love, beauty, and the tragic games we play in order to survive.

Gumshoe Productions is a Saskatchewan-based company born out of a bold determination to bring original scripts with important and difficult topics to the stage. Our focus is to challenge the common comfort zone, and display the kind of courage that invites communication by telling true stories that relate to real issues of today.


by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

Produced by Fire in the Hole Productions

Mar 8th - 11th & 15th - 18, 2018

He's a marine biology grad student with a controversial theory on the sleeping patterns of fish. She's a nihilistic journalism student looking for one last glimmer of hope in a decaying society. They meet for a casual evening of "no strings attached" sex. But casual... this evening is not. Will meaningless sex have meaning? What's going on in the fish tank? And who is that woman pulling levers and playing the timpani? Something is about to explode.

Since 2010 Fire in the Hole Productions has been exploring stories that reflect on how we define ourselves as a society, how we cope with the challenges of our time, and how we engage with each other. Past productions include The Pink Unicorn, Lungs, Reasons to Be Pretty, The December Man (L'homme de décembre), and Dying City.

Death of a Salesman

by Arthur Miller

Produced by Theatre Naught

Apr 26th - 29th & May 3rd - 6th, 2018

The company behind Les Liaisons Dangereuses and The Cherry Orchard brings you the Pulitzer-winning tale of the American Dream unrealized. In the role of crumbling patriarch Willy Loman, Bruce McKay leads a seasoned cast and crew of homegrown theatre professionals. As potent and engaging as it was sixty years ago, we're proud to present this classic drama whose relevance has returned to the fore.

Theatre Naught's guiding principle is to produce plays from the world's classical canon so that artists and audiences alike can have access to the richness and complexity of the most revered works created for the stage. A truly collaborative entity, Theatre Naught chooses plays that feature large casts while striving for gender parity, and creates opportunities for both established and emerging artists.


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